Michael Taylor

Head of Property Management


Michael has worked at Stanton & Taylor Real Estate twice in his career. Previously whilst studying a law degree, and then when he returned to the business full time in August 2011, giving him 13 years of experience working in local real estate.
All of Michael's time in the business has been spent on Property Management, but he has also looked after a commercial/industrial portfolio and dabbled in commercial sales.
Michael enjoys learning how to manage people with different levels of experience. Michael also has a Bachelor of Law and brings over 14 years of legal experience to his role at Stanton & Taylor.
He is the Principal of Taylor & Co. Legal and has a broad range of experience in property transactions, litigated and non-litigated disputes, preparation of advice and legal drafting. Michael has appeared in matters from the Local Court to the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal in New South Wales.


EDUCATION - Bachelor of Law (Western Sydney University) - Certificate IV Real Estate Agent


Phone: (02) 4725 9610
Email: michael@stantonandtaylor.com.au

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