Key Policy

Lost your keys? Or locked yourself out? We've all been there at one time or another. That is why we feel it is important to have a key policy in place for tenants both to protect you and to assist you in a time of need. 

Stanton & Taylor Real Estate's key policy is as follows:

1) If you are locked out of your property and need to regain access out of business hours - we encourage you to call a locksmith. Please refer to your lease for our emergency trades including the details of our preferred locksmiths. If you cannot reach our recommended locksmiths, you are free to contact anyone who can assist you to regain access to your property. This cost is at the tenant's expense. 

2) If you have lost your keys and need new keys cut, you will need to arrange this with your Property Manager and this will also be at your expense to replace the keys and/or locks. 

3) If you live in a strata complex or security complex with common area keys and you have lost your common area access key - please be aware that the cost of replacing these types of master keys is approximately $100 per key, and you will be liable for replacing the access key for every apartment within the complex. This can mean a huge fee depending upon the number of security keys that need to be replaced so be extra careful with the placement of common area keys. 

4) If you need to borrow the spare set of keys within our office during business hours, you will be asked to present ID and leave a cash deposit until you can return the spare set of keys. If you fail to return the spare set of keys, you may need to pay for replacement keys and/or locks in the future should an issue occur and our spare keys have not been returned. 

5) If you contact our office outside of operational hours - you will incur a call-out fee for our staff to come in and assist with spare keys. We will strongly suggest that you contact a locksmith before you try contacting our office outside of business hours as a locksmith is on call and ready to come to your aid with short notice, whereas our staff may not be able to help you as quickly as an emergency trade in this scenario. 


Thank you for taking the time to understand Stanton & Taylor Real Estate's key policy.