The benefits of professional real estate photography

Professional photography and the benefits of using it in your next marketing campaign

By Amanda Nicholls


First impressions count - particularly in a crowded real estate market. With today's technology, attention spans are short and digital media is fast-paced. You have a very short moment to capture the interest of prospective buyers and tenants and entice them to click on your listing and read the accompanying information. Find out why professional photography can make all the difference in your real estate marketing campaign. 

Marketing a property is a whole new ball game from back in the good old days when property searching meant looking in the local paper and putting a circle around the property you wanted to inspect on the weekend. Today the most likely way a potential purchaser or new tenant will find your property is going to be online, and as a vendor or landlord, you need to ensure your property stands out from the rest. 

Professional photographs are taken with all of the latest photography equipment and packages extend beyond just basic hi-resolution photos of your home. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can create a marketing package that captures the attention of thousands of potential buyers or renters in an instant. 

Professional Photos for Landlords

One of the benefits for landlords of purchasing a professional photography package is that you can re-use those images every time your property is vacant and needs re-advertising. So the cost of the photography is a one-off cost, and tax-deductible. Stanton & Taylor Real Estate's rental photography packages include professional photos of the facade, outdoors space, main living, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. They also include a full video walk-through such as this one here

Stanton & Taylor Real Estate is one of the only Penrith real estate agencies that offer a 360-degree virtual walk-through on rental property photography packages too. This is particularly good during COVID-19 for people who are unable to attend an inspection but are interested in seeing the property. Packages can include professional photos, video tour, and virtual tour for a small fee. 

Professional Photos for Vendors

Professional photography packages for vendors are slightly more upmarket and offer different options to enhance the success of your marketing campaign. Floor plans are essential for sales listings to give prospective vendors a specific vision of the layout of your property and if it will suit their needs. At Stanton & Taylor Real Estate our photography packages include virtual floor plans which allow purchasers to click on the links and see matching photographs of the room they're looking at on the floor plan.

We also have drone footage of your property from our photoshoot which allows us to put pin drops within a few kilometre radius of your property of key attractions such as public transport, motorways, shops, schools, hospital, and more. 

We also offer property styling or virtual furniture which can help to accentuate the features of your property with a modern flourish. This is a cost-effective way of marketing your property and worth discussing with your sales agent when you go through your marketing plan. 


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