COVID-19 Response

By Michael Taylor


23 MARCH 2020


Dear Clients and Customers,


We are fielding a lot of calls from people concerned about COVID-19 and their ability to meet their rent commitments. 

Food and shelter are the two most basic requirements for all of us.  These are uncertain times, and Stanton & Taylor will take all available advice from government bodies as well as health authorities.

While we understand the predicament everyone will face at some stage with job uncertainty and possible quarantine time, rental payments need to remain a priority for everyone.  It will be important to maintain the integrity of your rental ledger and your ability to continue to rent once this extraordinary time passes.

The Federal Government stimulus package has been announced and is changing rapidly with more and more support available to those affected.  Please keep informed of the changes and the assistance that is available to you.

Centrelink will have update information on their web site regarding assistance payments available to people to help with the essentials like food and shelter.

Most major banks and financial institutions are also offering various means of assistance including reduced or delayed repayment commitments on existing loans and credit cards.

Please bear in mind that rent still needs to be paid even during difficult times.  As an appointed agent, if your rent falls behind we will still be following up with you and you need to make every effort to keep up your payments.

If you do find you are experiencing difficulty and have exhausted the available assistance, please call us or email your property manager to discuss your situation. 

Please remain patient with us over repair issues.  We will be doing our best to remain operational as long as we can and in as great a capacity as we can.  For the time being we have suspended face to face meetings in our office and we have limited routine inspections to only those absolutely essential. 

If you are feeling unwell or have contracted COVID-19, please inform your property manager.  We respect everyone’s right to privacy but these are extraordinary times and we want to be in a position to help all our clients, customers and staff remain safe.

Best Wishes and Stay Well. 

Stanton & Taylor.