5 Ways to save water this summer

Here are 5 easy ways to save water during summer

By Amanda Nicholls


Right now we are experiencing a drought of epic proportions, and in Penrith - the heat has been constant. Here's 5 easy ways to save some water (and keep your gardens alive) through the peak of summer. 

1) Put a plug in the sink

Leave a plug in the sink and let it fill up with water from hand washing. Use a cup to distribute the water to plants to keep them going with the saved water.

2) Get a grey water hose

Head to the hardware store and purchase a greywater hose. They're relatively cheap and if your washing machine is near a window, you can hook the hose to the machine and run the water from your washing cycles into the garden or a safe bin. Remember, if you run water into containers, you need to ensure it is padlocked so that children can't accidentally gain access to it. 

3) Have a cold shower

Don't touch that hot water tap! Seriously - there's nothing better than having an ice cold shower on a hot humid day - but you will save water because you rarely want to stand around in a cold shower. You'll be reaching for the soap and quickly rinsing off before diving out completely refreshed. 

4) Empty the kids drink bottles in the garden

When the kids come home from school with half a drink bottle full of water - don't tip it down the sink before doing the washing up. Get the kids in the habit of emptying them onto the gardens before they come inside. 

5) Install water saving devices in the home

Need a new showerhead? Get a watersaving showerhead can save upto 9000 litres of water per person in the household per year. It costs around $200 for the showerhead depending on brand, plus the installation cost, but your water bill with thank you!