Spring gardening tips

Five great tips to maintaining your garden this spring

By Amanda Nicholls


Spring is the perfect time to cultivate your garden and introduce new plant life. Try these top tips for maintaining your garden this spring. 

1) Clean out the garden

Spring is a great time to clear out any dead leaves and get on top of weeding before they spread! Get out in the yard with the Zero and spray the weeds, then pop your gloves on and pull them out and green bin them. 

2) Consider a pest spray

If you haven't had one yet, it's good to get a pest spray done at the beginning of spring before the bugs come into the house, and also when it's not raining to ensure the spray doesn't get washed away. A pest spray can also help to kill any fleas or parasites that affect our pets during spring.

3) Trim back plants

Time to get the secateurs out and do some quality pruning. A good trim will promote new growth through the spring months as well as leave your garden looking tidy.

4) Plant new flowers

Spring is the perfect time to introduce new plants to the garden. Be sure to read the information tags on the plants before your purchase to see how much water they need and how much sunlight or shade they require. Different plants will thrive in different environments so be sure to pick the perfect ones for your home and lifestyle. 

5) Mulch

Treat your garden beds to a good mulching to avoid weeds. Mulch also maintains moisture in the garden which is great during the hotter months, particularly with water restrictions in place.